Hand-Crafted String Muter by Yuval Ron


The String Muter is a custom, wrapped foam-based block that mutes the strings from the base of the guitar neck. It is used for keeping the open strings from vibrating while playing two-handed tapping, or for any lead guitar role that requires extra clarity and precision.

· For 6-String electric guitars with standard nut size.
· Highly efficient density & flexibility
· Fast and quiet string damping.
· Hand-crafted and checked.
· FAR better than any commercial product I’ve ever tried.
· Can be moved to higher frets as well for the utmost clean sound.
· Recommended with The Complete Guitar Transcriptions book.
· Note: since item is hand crafted, some minor discrepancies from image may occur.


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Why using the String Muter?

The String Muter’s main advantage comes when using 2HT, the Two-Handed Tapping technique for lead guitar parts. The technique itself is extremely powerful, allowing us to play almost any part, including many passages that are otherwise very difficult or even impossible with other techniques. However, unlike with picking techniques, with 2HT our palm is not available to mute open strings. Without anything to stop them, they would keep vibrating even after our fingers are released. This often results in a very dirty, undesired sound, which is where the String Muter comes into play. It provides us with an effective way to mute any resonating open strings and allows for a super-clean and accurate sound.

Made of foam containing an efficient combination of density and flexibility, the String Muter is ideal for damping open strings quickly and quietly. It is designed by guitarist Yuval Ron who personally hand-crafts the items. While possibly being the best solution available for the 2HT guitarists, it is also useful for any lead-guitar technique requiring utmost clarity and dexterity.

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