Here it is – Episode 2 of β€œHow to build a home studio”: The double door and walls frame!

In Episode 2, we will build the next two foundations of the soundproof home studio that are built on top of the floating floor that we covered on episode 1: the double door and the walls frame, as well as discuss the double window that was already installed in the room. The double door and window are an important point of attention, since they are usually the weakest spots in many rooms where most sound comes through. Therefore they get an extra treatment, and we solve this by layering two doors, and two windows, in front of each other. The gap of air between them traps sound inside to a good degree, and letting minimum sound waves escape from either direction. The inner door is a heavy door so that it aids in blocking them even more. The double window is based on the same principle, although it is still expected to be the weakest spot since glass is usually thin and transferring sound rather easily. Nevertheless, this treatment is often enough to create some good insulation between the inside and outside of the room.

The walls frame is the basic frame that serves two purposes: the first is to hold the entire structure of the inner room together, and the other is to contain chunks of rockwool (soundproofing material) that will fill in the walls, as we will see in the next episode. The walls frame is built about ~5cm away from the external walls, so that a gap of air is separating between the internal and external walls and minimum contact is made. Similarly to the double door and window, we use this gap to create what’s known as a “room-within-a-room”, that provides us with a good level of isolation and soundproofing.

I hope you will find this video useful for your own project. If you have any questions feel free to comment on the video.

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