Hi-res photos

  • Photos 1-4 by Christoph Mangler
  • Photos 5-8 by Alkistis Kafetzi
  • Artwork 9 by Nicholas Uris and Khramazero
  • Photo 10 by Sandra Ananda

Discography & Videogrphy

Press Quotes

“It’s there on the final frontier, equipped with astral, analog synthesizers, arresting time signatures, and a generous helping of self-satire.”

Kate Koenig

Premier Guitar

“In my book one of those albums to take out when you encounter people that state that “no, jazzrock isn’t my thing” that may well change their minds.” 

Olav Björnsen


“Progressive guitarists such as Yuval Ron are clearly among the ‘ruling elite’ of modern musicians.”

Lior "Steinmetal" Stein

Metal Temple

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