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Selected live and studio videos.

Yuval Ron Trio – Live Against The Virus

Yuval Ron – guitar, vocals / Niklas Lukassen – bass / Simon Schröder – drums

Yuval Ron – Somewhere In This Universe, Somebody Hits a Drum (ft. Marco Minnemann)

Yuval Ron – I Believe in Astronauts (ft. Marco Minnemann)

Contusion by Stevie Wonder | Performed by Yuval Ron

Residents Of The Future | “Flags” Video 2013

Yuval Ron & Residents Of The Future
Live at Klaipeda International Jazz Festival 2006

Objects In The Mirror Are Larger Than They Appear

Watch the entire show on Youtube.
“The brand of jazz fusion practiced by Residents Of The Future draws from many styles, and at first (Track 1: Greetings, Earthlings), it is as remote from jazz as you can imagine, and more like a very virtuosic symphonic prog rock band, with a long, slow intro with synthesizer, a martial drum beat, and gloomy guitar, which then expands on heavy flights (excellent soloing by Yuval Ron, a very impressive guitarist) that might remind one of the best of Planet X or Spaced Out or, even better, which is a lot to say. Yuval Ron and Mathieu Bouchard or Louis Côté (Spaced Out’s guitarists) have indeed a lot in common, and both carry the same flame. But Spaced Out draws more on the fusion roots of RTF or Mahavishnu Orchestra, whereas Ron uses more dissonances and has a less flashy, more fluid guitar style, all in subtleties and structural complexity. All four musicians of RotF have their share in the excitement of the compositions played, and as one would expect from a live show that must enthrall several thousand spectators, have their moments of glory in succession. The only weak moment of the VD is Track 5, aptly titled ‘Guitar Solo’, which is rather flat and is ironically less interesting than any of the sometimes flamboyant guitar solos played by Yuval Ron elsewhere on the VD. There is a wide variety of styles in the tracklist, and one is struck by the subtle interplay, the sophistication of the compositions, and the constant sense for musical innovation, with enough complexity to satisfy the most capricious progressive rock fan.”
Richard Poulin


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