As a composer and arranger, I write music for various ensembles, genres and projects.


Whether it is programmatic music (films, acts, games..) or music meant for live performance, I employ different genres and a twist of my own stylistic approach into the mix.

I begin the composition┬áprocess with a careful understanding and analysis of your needs, your goal and your message, so that compositions are always concise and serving the bigger picture, your work’s purpose.

Written compositions (whether by me or by others) may also be arranged for different ensembles and charts.

End products may vary on demand, from lead sheet charts, through demo recordings up to fully orchestrated scores. Certain music may even be produced and engineered in my home studio.


Genres and forms I write in:


  • Film, Game and Programmatic Music
  • Jazz
  • Rock
  • Fusion
  • Metal
  • Progressive Rock / Metal
  • Pop
  • Funk & Groove
  • Any crossover / avant / undefined genre you can imagine.

Sample score: “Cat Logic” theme (guitar, keys, bass, drums)

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