As a session guitarist and musician, I will perform, track, and record your music.


Whether you need a lead guitarist for those unforgettable solos, a rhythm guitar part that will be rich and full or those effect soundscapes you want to create an atmosphere with, I will realize your ideas to their fullest.

Parts can be either composed by me, improvised or performed from your charts, with my own personal touch thrown into the mix.

I work on different parts until they sound smooth and flowing, ready for recording. Then I start making takes, each take’s aim is to “beat” the previous one. At some point, magic happens and that’s the winner 🙂

Tracking guitar parts can be done at my home studio with pristine quality and high-end audio gear. This often saves the costs of big recording studios while not compromising on sound quality.



Genres I play include:

  • Jazz
  • Rock
  • Fusion
  • Metal
  • Progressive Rock / Metal
  • Pop
  • Funk & Groove
  • Any crossover / avant / undefined genre you can imagine.

Parts may be written or improvised and include guitar solos, rhythm guitar, soundscapes and more.

Contact me for more details…

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